Disruptive Networks of People Root Change in the Power of Humanity not Violence.
When humanity is involved network power is proportional to the risks and threats we face.

Hey Siri tell Congress Save the Polar Bears : When will Siri, Alexa and Cortana get into politics?

Siri, Cortana and Alexa can read email, book hotels, tell political jokes and manage your lights (seriously they can just ask them).  How long before they can fill out requests to sign petitions automatically once commanded?  If personal agents start participating in politics how low does the basic level of the engagement ladder go?  What does Congress do with petitions from Alexa, Cortana or Siri when they feel like people don't even have the time and interest to read or fill in the basic elements of an action alerts?  How long before Congressional staff are using AI to respond to mail they get?   Is this the first step of the AI nightmare?

This new wave of voice-driven assistant technologies rides on the back of advances in artificial intelligence, rich collections of user data and growth in keyboardless and screenless devices. Additionally, great speech recognition is now built into every major operating system. Google, Apple, Baidu, Microsoft and Amazon provide this capability for free, enabling a new generation of apps to drive user adoption.

via recode.net

Does the mean the end of clicktivism with easier AI-ivism?