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What is the word for planning that doesn't create a disconnect with doing?

Jason Silva. Seek Awe. Amen Brother.

One of my favorite philosophy courses in college was focused on romance, awe and fantasy. Now i am really enjoying the work of Jason Silva. 

I am enjoying these riffs for the content, inspiration, style and unique framing of story.   Jason is creating one story that is positive and high energy without being explicit. He  positions the viewer as a surviver working through a struggle to break into new ways to think.

The way that he crashes though topics and fields of study with excitement and intellectual giddiness reminds me of my favorite friends, teachers, co-workers and old roomates. I have never seen anything like it captured so well (even sent my college prof a thank you letter and a tip to Jasons videos.)

(  It is high energy imagination at its best.  Seek Awe. Amen Brother.   


  Inspire awe in your friends, coworkers and kids.