The Agitator Recap on Mobile 2012
True power comes from building new power: Cheryl Contee Offers Great Talk at PDF

Seattle Initiative 103: Limiting Corporate Rights and Elevating Peoples' Rights

Initiative 103 will change the law in Seattle to:

  • Ban corporate spending on elections, reversing Citizens United
  • Ban corporate lobbying except in public forums
  • Strip Corporate Personhood and judge-made corporate "Constitutional" rights
  • Establish a Community Bill of Rights for Seattle which includes Rights for Workers, Rights for Neighborhoods and Rights for Nature to protect our environment. Learn more...


Is this the next evolution of the occupy movement?  Did the reactions last summer create space for an agenda to emerge? It will also be interesting to watch how the opposition moves against the prop.

 This is worth watching.  I love the idea of a ban on lobbying except in public forums.