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Google's "+1" might be a big thing for charity and issue work.

 This could playout very interesting to get a bunch of activists to search on an issue and +1 the most informative news and issue sites.   Will large groups upload their entire list to google contacts so that the "social search" guides thier members through the web?

How does it work?  Google looks at your "social connections" to determine who to show your "+1's" to and to figure out which +1's might be useful to you.   According to Google your "social connections" include people in your gmail chat list, people in your my contacts group on gmail, and people you’re following in Google Reader.  I can't tell if it also includes who you follow on twitter. 

How could this make a difference?  If my staff upload the membership contacts into a google contact list and we follow all our members on a google reader these contacts would be my GMT "social connections". GMT then can surf the web on all of our favorite sites on media, environment, membership blogs,etc and "(+1) all of them.  We may even get a grassroots mob to +1 all the good articles on climate change. When the extended network of these groups then google search "climate change" they will start to see the articles weighted more heavily by the grassroots groups working on climate change.  

(I think) There is something about (+1) that begs to leveraged by advocacy groups with large social reach. I think it will have impact because it tweaks the way google results are presented and that will have a big impact on the users.  

Advocacy groups and professional advoactes have lots of things (great article on fracking, here is info on a chemical, ets) that they would love to "tell" thier followers but the volume prevents sending email about each "find".  This is the  underlying user story behind "+1"  so now when a member looks for articles on chemical "X" the social connecitons to that group can see these are the ones the staff of the group they trust would read.

I am not sure how it will all playout but it is interesting.