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Pug Meetups around the world. Why?

This is a social club for pugs & their humans! We love our pugs- all ages, all kinds and we want to meet you and yours.

The club holds monthly meetups that generally fall on the first Saturday of every month (barring holidays) at Austin local dog parks. We are usually at Bull Creek, but in the winter months we take field trips to other local dog parks! We also host bigger events like The Great PUGkin Fest, a halloween costume contest for pugs in October, the Valentines Day PUG Tuneup in February, the Spring Luau in April and the PUGtucky Derby in May. Some of these are fundraisers for pug rescue, and some of these are just events held to play some games, laugh at our pugs and have a good time.

We would love for you to come out and join us- after all, we are all pug people!


They want to talk to each other. They use technology to cluster. Coordination takes little cost.

What things have they done that have nothing to do with Pugs? Are they green space advocates?  Did they raise money for a disaster? Discuss politics? March at a Tea Party? Is there a strict "pug only" discussion moderation or is this an example of something much more complex?