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Street to phone, Phone to twitter, Twitter to Social Nets, Back to Street

Here is an interesting documentation from politics online that demonstrates the bridge role twitter plays in moving communication across channels, social networks and national boundaries.

We now have a global communication grid that connects the spaces of web and street as never before we have crossed the phone and internet gaps. Access to these lines and communities are not just in the hands of programmers and the most techy folks.

The activists guide to twitter is not about connecting people to people, getting followers ro following indeed many people that tuned into the #pman didn't know each other.

Activists will find twitter # as the open integrated communication channel. .

Fortunately, Romanian Internet users supported the move and started to retwitt

messages and to promote the Youtube clips. Facebook pictures started to emerge and

press agencies noticed the protests and their online reflections. Messages to press

agencies got through and one by one, Reuters, BBC, AlJazeera, Deustche Welle and

Romanian Mediafax, NewsIn and MediaPro covered the events. Calls to CNN remained

unanswered. Outside, Internet users and press agencies managed to show to the public what was

happening. In, and especially in the blockaded town of Chisinau, information is being

gradually censored by shutting down the access to Internet, the cell phone networks and

restricting the move on the roads, entering the city or the republic.


Some analysts compared the events from to the Romanian 1989 Revolution, which was

transmitted live on TV. The Moldova movements where called Revolution 2.0, and whether

they will have a good outcome or not, it is clear the what was sparked by SMS,

continued on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook , and is now changing politics in the small

eastern state.


Pasted from <http://www.politicsonline.com/blog/archives/2009/04/moldova_revolut.php>