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Rosa Sat. So Martin Could Walk. So Barak Could Run... YEAH!

This video (definitely watch)inspired me to revisit a 2005 post.

Rosa Parks: Thank You I have been thinking a bit about Rosa Parks. I am grateful for all she has done for humanity, my country, my friends and my own life. The contribution of courage and vision has opened a better world for all of us including my family and the life my kids now have. I am thankful for leaders like Rosa.

I am thinking about the conflicting "myths" about Rosa. I am most disturbed at the "simple woman" stories. She was not simple because her job was a seamstress. I don't know why she was a seamstress (maybe it was a way to pay the bills?) However, someone's job does not define their character.

Rosa was brilliant. She was a genius. She was a leader with courage and conviction. She was an activists working for social change. She was a liberal. She was trained in field organizing. She was a fundraiser and she never buried her head in the sand and let "others" solve her problems.

She didn't wait for "somebody" (as in somebody will do something about it). She was a great person who got fed up and took action. She was not the head of some group or at the top of some civil rights organization but she was a leader and a change maker. Don't let the media tell you need to be in charge of something to have power.

Thanks Rosa ... Now the Video. ...Fly Baby Fly