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Twitter as an introduction service for a new team pulled together for a project.

I bumped into Gibrán Rivera in Boston.(great guy. brilliant)

He was talking about how he connects a group of people for 2 weeks via Twitter before they get together for a collaborative meeting or a project. I am not sure what all the steps and coaching might be involved with getting that going but it strikes me as a really smart way to start helping a groups sort itself out before coming together in that initial meeting. I assume they are talking about using an SMS updates and prompts to get the newbies microblogging but I assume most folks would not be tuned off by the approach.

  • Twitter takes very little information to join.
  • SMS has very little learning curve.
  • 2 weeks is a very defined window of playing with the new technology.
  • Very interesting things and personalities may emerge.

Has anyone done anything similar?  Are the steps out there for an experiment?