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Nonprofit "Winners and Losers" in Difficult Times.

Just as there are “winners” in the private economy ( financial network news, repo companies, grocery chains (more eating at home), collection agencies, craigslist, certified mail companies (deliver bills and foreclosure notices) etc. There will be nonprofits and advocacy groups whose services and plans are amplified in value as the economy worsens. Who are they? Capacity organizations that serve many other organizations will be better insulated from shocks and provide a higher quality assurance for donors that benefits will spread. Looking only at the spaces they occupy (not their internal financials) Nonprofits like:

  • Aidmatrix (support service for food banks and food distribution)
  • Tides (joint management services)
  • Lapiana (nonprofit mergers)
  • Green Media Toolshed and Rethink Media (shared media contacts and media outreach tools
  • OneNorthWest, Progressive Technology Project (shared technical skills)
  • Rootscamp (volunteer driven trainings) ,
  • Green for All, The Apollo Project, (Green Jobs/ Green Energy)
  • Conservation Leadership Institute, CCMC, Resource Media ( shared communications capacity)
  • Volunteermatch, (collaborative volunteer recruitment)
  • (exchange of trade of free stuff).
  • Democracy In Action (shared technical tools)
  • Rockwood Leadership Program, ICL and ELP (leadership development and networking)
  • Additionally, the shift of the policy fight back to the federal level will help those groups with heavy political and lobbying assets applicable to federal policy.

These groups and other simialr organizations in other issue areas provide low overhead, cheaper costs, easily distributed benefits and more effective “shared and pooled services”. They all seem likely to expand during this downturn.

Groups like these that are designed to deal with the obsitcles difficult economic times creates for others in the movement should do well.  However, they will be the exceptions.

What other models need to be "in the list"?