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Flock me. No Flock you. Flocks and movements

I was just reading some interesting information about agent-based modeling. They look at flocks. They are working on how to get computer animated icons to behave like a flock. The interesting thing is that there are three rules that drive the behavior and the way a flock of birds moves:

1. All birds try and fly towards the center.

2. All birds try and avoid collision with other birds.

3. That they match the speed of all other birds.

Using these three simple rules, you're able to set up models where they can completely mimic the flock.

The question is whether or not, given the way Foundation world funds at the center if they create a flock mentality by default. Does lack of funding innovation push movements to move away from the edge? Does lack of funding at the edges drive us toward center? Does membership, brand and media strategy make groups avoid overlap "avoid collision"? Due to political realities and pack lobbing keep groups prevent groups from to stepping too far in front of their other allies (matching "the speed or progress" of the movement)?

Most groups want to be at the center because that's where most of the money and protection is. Given these three dynamics, we see much of the movement behave like a flock of birds. They move in unwieldy directions. They move, as a mindless group, swarming with each other around. It can be beautiful in birds but it a shame that social change and groups of progress are not using a more effective method for organizing. (I'll look at the hive, swarm and ant hill models soon)


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