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Identity Woman » She’s Geeky: An Women’s Tech (un)conference

Kaliya Hamlin is Geeky in all the best ways. She is a good organizer and working on the right issues. If you are in the area and a women in Tech, this is likely to be a pretty good networking and brainstorming events.

Link: Identity Woman » She’s Geeky: An Women’s Tech (un)conference.

I am producing another unconference this fall. It is for women working in technology called She’s Geeky. It is October 22-23 in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum.

I am working with a great organizing team including Mary Hodder from Dabble, Susan Mernit from Yahoo!, Julia French from Covered Communications, Deb Roby a BlogHer Blogger, Melanie Swan, Heather Vesent from the Purple Tornado and Laurie Rae.

We have three simple goals with the event.

* Exchange skills and learning from women from diverse fields of technology.
* Discuss topics about women and technology.
* Connect the diverse range of women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky fields.

What is the value of coming? It should be a great networking opportunity to meet other interesting women who you or your company might do business with. In this format you will get to learn more then you would just having interesting meetings in a hallway like you do at typical conferences that cost a lot more.