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CitizenPost: New Study Says that Diversity May Hurt Civic Life

Noonhat: Self-Organizing at the edge.

Self-organizing lunch in a community.

World Changing found this little cool service. (highlight a part of DC (you have to drag the map across the country.) It is a very interesting experiment. I could see campaigns, churches, support groups and issue advocacy groups really making use of these in branded version on websites to also facilitate lunch with organizers, staff, preachers, experts, key supporters, etc.

Noonhat assumes the choir all knows each other. I am interested in connecting different parts of my choir together over lunch. would be great at events like WTO protest or at national conferences for setting up quick ad hoc groups. (Or in Katrina response )

If it could be a simple widget people could ad them to all kinds of site to create lunches of community of interest.

Link: WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Building Community Through Lunch.

NoonHat is a simple website. All it contains is a map, a little circle, and a box where you can enter your email , and a calendar. You choose a location by moving the circle, which can be re-sized, to an appropriate place on the map, pick a date, and enter your email. Voila, on the date of interest, you get an email in the morning telling you who is also available (I believe the minimum is three) and you make mutually convenient arrangements.

Why is this so important? As Brian demonstrates so well in any talk on NoonHat, we are not talking to each other. We spend our time with our peers and people who think like us and do many of the same things we do. While the web provides us a wonderful medium to meet like minded people on the other end of the world, NoonHat demonstrates that we can leverage the web at the local level. We can change the world.