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Yahoo launches citizen journalism site

Yahoo and the Netcentric Vault

Getting you ready in 2003.

The Family Video: Ok. So you have 30 hours of the baby. Very cool. However, did you ever think that the video camera might be valuable hardware for environmental protection.

Everyday environmental groups and activists attempt to tell stories about the importance of protecting our landscape, water and air. We talk about the death of species and the loss of great places. Take some video.

While amature cam shots might not work for TV news (they do play it sometimes) the video editing and playback tools are cheap enough that groups should be able to create video that complements the story of the movement.

Try to apply this to environmental advocacy.

Today's launch of audiences that peak 150,000,000 viewer a day.

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December 7th, 2006 How does the face of journalism change when cell phone cameras and small video camera devices become ubiquitous? Instead of the appointed few recording breaking news, we have the eyes of the masses, each equipped with the necessary gear for grassroots journalism. Following in the footsteps of CNN’s I-Report, which allows users to upload video, audio, or photos, comes the more sophisticated You Witness News from Yahoo. YouTube has already proven the ability for average people to present compelling news stories. Both the UCLA tazing incident and Michael Richard’s racial outbreak were documented by bystanders and first broadcast via YouTube.