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Rules for Using MySpace in Politics | Personal Democracy Forum

Joshua Levy and PDF do a great service for the movement by digging into the advocacy uses and literature on Myspace organizing. This is a good read as a primer for thinking about social network sites and the ways they can be used in advocacy.

MySpace profile is not a replacement for a campaign's homepage. Instead, it is meant to be part of a participatory ecosystem that campaigns must set up. ... MySpace profiles are the equivalent to canvassing on the street or in a mall; they are part of a larger outreach effort...That said, it's becoming increasingly clear that a campaign without a social networking profile will be taken less seriously in the coming years.

Link: Rules for Using MySpace in Politics | Personal Democracy Forum.

After talking with Boothe and Goodstein, I realized there are four main rules about organizing on MySpace (and perhaps on Facebook and other sites as well). What follows is a breakdown of those rules with details from our discussion. Four Rules of Organizing on MySpace