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Real Youth Voices: YouTube - Hope: Myspace and YouTube Organizing for Peace

Here is an example of a high school peace activists (skyracer90) mashing together his own calls for brotherhood. From the way he has included a Twista song (powerpoint/video) to his connection with S.T.R.O.N.G (STRONG mySPACE) to the way Myspace connects him with 500 members.

He also was able to set up a multi-media, network building site all for free. In many ways, this site is more engaging than many of the site and much of the content our professional movement produces.

Link: YouTube - Hope.

Music: Hope by Twista ft. Faith Evans

Please visit S.T.R.O.N.G. "STRUGGLING TO REUNITE OUR NEW GENERATION". They are great people who are trying to put an end to gang violence. Visit them at:

This site is expressive without fancy words, collective (without tell-afriend), open for feedback and connected to culture and organizations. It is smart and a growing example of what our groups should be putting out there and encouraging members and staff to produce.

A few years ago a site with this open feedback and multi-media streaming would have cost thousands of dollars. Why do we still have so many brochureware movements?