weee.weee. Advertisers working to "spin" Chevy Tahoe Ad Disaster
Chevy Ads: The Movie

Nightline : Oh my gosh they are culture jamming our Chevy!

Last night around 6:30 Eric called to tell me that our ads were going to be on Nightline. He said they had called him and were requesting an interview. He wanted to know if I would come. It was fun.

We were hoping for a debate with PR folks or Chevy but they had plugged the SUV resistance into "Sign of the Times".

It was the first time either of us had been in ABC or a big TV headquarters. Eric and I had some great point to talk about SUV's, bad oil policy and the voice of the people in the ads.

When we got up to the floor the folks were really nice (it must come from working in such tight quarters.These folks (3 people plus a ton of equipment were stuffed into a windowless 8 by 10 office) OSHA should check that thing out. They wired up Eric and ran a 20 min interview over the phone.

Here is the clip.

The interview was OK and a bit fun. However, Eric and I died laughing when we walked down to leave and saw the ABC fleet parked under the building.


Yep. 14 Chevys. LOL.

Keep making those ads for fun. We will record them as political speech and turn them into a video of the good ones posted in the comments section.