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weee.weee. Advertisers working to "spin" Chevy Tahoe Ad Disaster

Daily Kos: Chevy Ad.

Chevy... SUV's Getting Roasted...(Head in the Sand)

Step 1. Review the ads (some funny, some political).

Step 2. Make your Own (link is to the right bottom of any ad.)

Step 3. Post the link to the Ad in the comments. (from address bar)so we can save this.)

Step 4. Pick the date Chevy folds and takes down the site. (I give them 2 weeks)

My favorites:
Funny Chevy Ad - Oil

Chevy Ad - Tribute to brother in Iraq

Funny Chevy Ad - Who is that

Funny Chevy Ad - Little Piggy

Funny Chevy Ad - Hippy

Funny Chevy Ad - Impeach

Funny Chevy Ad - What?

Funny Chevy Ad - Yo.

Funny Chevy Ad - Hot hot

Link: Daily Kos: State of the Nation.

Check Out This Fake Ad Before Chevy Takes it Off