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Chevy Ads : Network Culture Jamming the Apprentice (whack at Trump, GM and SUVs)

You MUST try This: Culture Jam Chevy and Global Warming: Sloganator II

This is a BLAST. (Thanks Noah.) Chevy and the Apprentice set up a tool to create commercials for SUVs. They want you to create ads for their crappy products. It is a good idea but I don't think folks should be saving Chevy ad money.

These machines are driving us all to the edge on global warming. We are more dependent on oil and we are less safe. The owners try to "be cool" but are really like sheep manipulated by advertising and GM. Ride your SUV in traffic...what a waste.

Please make a funny ad and put a link in the comments... or send me your link via email. The network can take down this ad. Help people connect the dots between SUVs and global warming. Go get them.

Chevy Ads can be fun.

Someone please record these too.

My ad

My second ad

Chris Lundberg ad


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