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Downloads Will Intensify Shine on Apple

Food for Advocacy and Campaign planners ... Apple Video your own networks within 3 years. John Kerry (53 million supporters emails, Bush 65 million) The campaigns will have the ability to spin into their own networks. Big issue groups and the major political party should be developing strategies of what their own network looks like and think about how to fill it with content. The big networks will beg to play and put shows out to your base. Time shift peer filtered and programmed ivideo is going to change the value of and ways audiences get created.

Link: Downloads Will Intensify Shine on Apple.

Eight million video downloads. Three million song downloads a day. Those are the two numbers my mind keeps ricocheting back to. Let's "roll the video" first. Eight million video downloads in the first couple of months they were offered, as the video iPod was just being rolled out. Eight million video downloads, despite the fact that there's hardly any video content available yet on iTunes. Let's put that number in context. TBS, the cable channel with the biggest audience, averages about 2.5 million viewers a night. A top 10 network television show can grab 15 million viewers an episode. Nearly 60 million people tune in to watch "SpongeBob SquarePants" every week. There are about 110 million households with televisions in the U.S. DVD sales and rentals totaled more than $6 billion in 2005. What does all this mean? Apple's just barely begun offering video downloads. It's maybe sold 5 million video-enabled iPods thus far. So what happens when Apple's video iPod hits critical mass? Say, when 10 million people have a video iPod? And what happens when Apple offers enough video content on iTunes that it hits critical mass? Say, 5,000 different shows and movies? And what happens when Apple's hardware fully integrates into your living room home theater system? Do you see where all this is headed?%