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Ipodder for Advocacy

Ipodder (and I would assume a soon to be launched service for mp3 feeds) could drastically change the value of audio content as a stream of knowledge.

As the percentage of campaign workers with mp3 playing equipment starts to rise (millions) there is a huge potential to load the devises with high value listening materials beyond Monkeys songs stolen from Mike Nesbitt..

Ideally, new campaigns will use these devises as another information stream to help build awareness of core participants, educate staff, train volunteers and inspire actions. The audio leaps across digital divide issues. Future campaigns will create dedicated issue advocacy channels for download to individual Ipods.

The new service from Ipodder allows users to create custom feeds of mp3 files. A few good campaign staff could set up marks to Ipodder feeds. Offering disconnected communities access to conferences, conference calls, campaign discussions, news programs, listserves converted to audio text, key articles or editorials converted to audio, etc.

Users will be able to brief themselves on an issue with a download stream of campaign audio content. They could listen while commuting in order to stay up to speed on the issues everyday.

iPodder is an application that uses RSS to determine when a new MP3 is available, then downloads the MP3 and places it on your portable audio device. Ipodder has a feed URL management, update scheduling and handles any type of enclosed file. As you sync your tunes it will grab your audio feeds from the campaign.

It has the potential to be an audio bloggosphere.