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Left to Right: Top to Bottom (Not really)

Here is a cool display of the way eyes move on a web page. They zip around from the top corner out to the rest of the page and then climb from the bottom. Where is your high value information? There is also lots of interesting things about fonts and ways to slow the eye as it moves. The article is worth a read.


We observed that with news homepages, readers' instincts are to first look at the flag/logo and top headlines in the upper left. The graphic below shows the zones of importance we formulated from the Eyetrack data. While each site is different, you might look at your own website and see what content you have in which zones.

So on your action page ...is the valuable real estate covering volunteer actions, key points in your campaign or your brand dominating the high value areas? We are going to need to reshuffle our layout a bit.