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Finding the Environmental Blog Community

A tip to c h a n d r a s u t r a for getting the conversation rolling.

Yes. Environmentalists blog. However, a really good blog is a reflection personal views and thought processess, an online think space, etc. The environmental group blogs are nice tools (GreenPeace) for giving voice to members and ways to create volume around core messages. I have run across thousands of blogs that hit on clean air, water, river quality, birding, campaigning, health, labor and justice issues but the fun blogs are more personal and I don't think the movement (organizations) are comfortable letting staff kick out personal opinions on subjects just yet so most likely you are going to see more personal blogs (like this one) that are cranked out by environmentalists but not branded as such.

Keep the list rolling and links from comments will be pulled together into the list:

Environmental Blogs:

The collection sites of Environmental Blog Feeds:

NPO Blogs - running collection of nonprofit blog feeds.
Earth Blog @ the eco portal the environmentalism portal - useful links to environmental sites

Group or Campaign Blogs

Colorado Environment state environmental group blog on issues affecting Colorado.

Inner Purple Line

Green Media Toolshed staff blog on environmental communications.

Greenpeace Blog
Excellent content about Greenpeace initiatives, campaigns, and news

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Blog
A boat with a blog! Check out this excellent post about clear cutting in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia (includes narrated flash slideshow -- now that's wired enviro-blogging!)

Environmentalists as People Blogs

World Changing
Not specifically environmental but good related issues and content

Jon Stahl's Journal
Interesting, well-written, timely content on a variety of issues pertaining to sustainability and the environment

Mostly related to physical geography but with an environmental edge

Nature Guy
Vancouver BC writer and all-round enviro-dude. New to the blogosphere but not the issues

Everything about sustainability

David Suzuki Science Matters
OK... this is really just Suzuki's "Science Matters" Column but I like to pretend it's a blog

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