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Nonprofit Advocacy Blogging and the "Future of Big Media"

There is an interesting story focusing on the "challenge" bloggers pose to "Big Media" and the advantages that "Big Media" can leverage to maintain "value" in a future where information demands to be free. I highlight this story because it focuses on the changes going on in the media industry and offers strategies to those that want to be "trusted" filters of the news. (ie. advocacy groups who are looking for ways to complement traditional media outreach with a "direct channel" strategy, staff who could easily maintain a network of loose ties that follow their work and progress on an issue, etc.) Parts of this article also resonate with the MovementasNetwork suggestions on developing some people-centric organizations.

Technology News: Viewpoint: Superbloggers and the Future of Big Media

Where the bloggers shouldn't be able to compete is on "perspective" and experienced talent. Perspective, or what the news means to me, is the sustainable advantage. But to provide it, you need to know your customers very well; you need to move very quickly to respond to threats and change. And to do that, responsibility needs to be distributed out to the people who are closest to the customer. In a way, building a blend of what the blogger is and what the news services are would turn out a kind of superblogger.

But to get this perspective, the news agencies will have to bring in some fresh talent and allow that talent to create a more flexible, responsive organization. They'll need to blend the old with the new, and they'll need to think through the use of the massive technology and information they have at their disposal and find better, faster ways to apply that technology so that valuable perspectives can be created and communicated.

There are words of wisdom for our movement in this recommendation. Fortunately, I think some nonprofit groups are working this into the new strategy of their work. ( For Example: Environment Colorado ) This is not a drastic shift for the large organizations and campaigns. They typically strive to become "trusted" sources for a particular segment of people (members) on a particular issue (parks, rivers, wolves, etc). The learning here is to tease out the relationship building features that the bloggers have developed and incorporate the personal openness of staff (ie . Dean, moveOn, etc) with largest more controlled media and communication strategy.