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Using IM for Advocacy

National Presidential Campaigns' Internet Tools Shopping Lists

Beautiful analysis of 2004 presidential campaign tools conducted by University of Washington and SUNY Institute of Technology. I have been thinking about a similar project for a few weeks.

You have to love student grunt work. I really want to jump into the strategy of the tool use and the background on the squandered opportunities. I am very impressed with the tools Bush team has pulled together.

Spend some time poking around to look at the innovative uses of technology and the ways these campaigns are using the internet to service small active communities and large audiences. It is also interesting to see how much "energy" each site can absorb.

This is a valuable learning tool for nonprofit advocacy groups.

Most campaigns are building a multi-site Web presence by sponsoring different kinds of sites. Click stars in the Campaign Web Sites section of the grid below to see examples of a variety of campaign site types.

PoliticalWebInfo makes into the Great Reads list. Nice work.