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Blogs as Training Tools

The Dean Campaign continues to apply some of the best examples of network-centric distributed organizing implemented to date. The Online Organizing Training is a beautiful example of ways to take "insider" knowledge and distribute it. I really like the format and step-by step nature of the tools.

I think similar online organizing tools are needed for lots of future campaigns. This isn't hard. It is a few step by-step guides with links. I would like to see a "add a comment" feature on the bottom of each page so participants could add tips and tricks and create dialogue.

I bet it would be a piece of cake to set up an "Organizing Guide" category in Blog, then create the six pages of training, links to key files and a very cool add a comment feature on each page. I am going to try it with a basic communications training.

The problems I expect with using a blog as a training tool are mostly on setting up an easy search, controlling the order of the posts and navigation challenges. However, given how easy it is to create a post, edit a post, create unique categories....a blog tool could be a great training tool.

Typepad also offers unique "typelist" that offer serious control of the order and maybe able to provide easy navigation.