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A Democratic Denial of Service: The political Boss comes to the Web

In a reaction that would have made James Michael Curly proud, the people of California are going to use the viral organizing of the web to replace the boss politician. (Curly ran democratic candidates with same name and/or multiple ethnic candidates to slit opposition base.)

In what Stuart Vance describes as ``a denial-of-service attack on the recall,'' he and some tech buddies want to overwhelm election officials with up to 1,000 names. That could exceed the number that fits on ballots and force the Oct. 7 election to be delayed.

``The more confusing the ballot, the more likely we are to affect the election,'' the site says. -News Article

While the Stuart Vance push is a not a genuine grassroots effort (vance is providing $$) it raises all sorts of interesting issues for democracy like the idea that we need to "ignore the masses" because it has become to easy for them to participate. We are already seeing this with the public comment rules put out by the Forest Service and by the fact that Congress only weighs "for and against" mail.

Is it really a "denial-of-service" or can we believe that at least 1000 people would like the job for Governor. The boldest thought is that this is real democracy and part of the scare that our founders worried about in the Federalist papers. I love it.

Lets' open the doors to mass participation. Good luck.