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SpamCop.net Can Monkeywrench Your Day

Are spam 'blocklists' going too far?: ZDNet Australia: News & Tech: Communications I have heard of opposition tactics that are aimed at frusrating our capacity to communicate. I hope to collect examples of sites or opposition emails that the "right" has used to censor genuine email debates and disrupt communication.

Submitting genuine communicaiton and listserve sites to spa blockers is a case of underhanded political censorship and monkeywrenching that your opponents may employ to confuse you and disrupt your communications. They may find the listserves you depend on to keep your coalition moving and submit you as a "spammer." The anti-spam technology kicks in very fast and it can take days to get things fixed. It is not good to only have one mass communication tool.

We need to develop a defensive strategy that would allow progressives to quickly move listserve and maillings to new servers and ISPs in the event a critical campaign gets disrupted in this manner. We also need to consult with some legal folks on strategies to collect damages for the attacks.