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wONDERINGMIND42: LoneWolf Global warming

SO what can 1 guy do on global warming? 110,068 views of presentation and videos explaining global warming. Nice.

Link: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself..

Check out the more evolved descendant of "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See:" a tour-de-force of logic and reasoning, backed up by a battalion of thoroughness and detail. Yes--you must see for yourself: "How It All Ends."

You have several options for your navigation pleasure:
* Use the playlist titled "How It All Ends"
* Use the links in the "About This Video" of "How It All Ends," or
* go to or sites created by others--which have them all neatly laid out for you.

The Point : Community Group Action: Self-Organizing

This looks cool. Anyone put advocacy campaigns in here yet?

Link: The Blog ».

November 12, 2007 – NEW YORK – The Point, a community for people to make things happen through a new model of coordinated group action, has launched. The Point takes the concept of the tipping point – the point at which group action will produce a clear result and inevitable change – and applies it to organizing group efforts, from organizing a get-together to boycotting a multi-national corporation.

Those who join a campaign pledge to take specific action, but no one acts until a campaign reaches its stated tipping point. When the tipping point is reached, when enough people have pledged to act or enough people have pledged funds to reach the stated goal, the action is triggered. Targeted at communities trying to make things happen, large or small, The Point enables activism, employee action, group purchases, event planning, and group agreements that would be time-consuming or impossible for one person to address alone.