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Google Presentations: Tell a Story Together: Network Presentations

I am really big into presentations. I like to use them to communicate and interact with an audience. I think many of the presentations nonprofit groups and campaign do stink. I am a huge fan of Andy Goodman and Edward Tufte.

It seemed like the space had not yet really hit any new developments since powerpoint came along. I think most the bullet talk with powerpoint is not really a good thing anyway. However, slides with photos and images to accompany a good story, along with extensive handouts can not be beat as a way to communicate a messages and ideas.

Now Google has launched Google Presentations. Work on them together. Share them with others present them online. VERY COOL. It will change my work.

To start one go to google documents and hit NEW -> PRESENTATION... and you are on your way. Lets see if I can start posting some more of my presentation materials on the blog.

NGO-in-a-box project - TTC: Mobile Advocacy Toolkit Working Meeting wiki

TacticalTech is doing some interesting work worth keeping an eye on. They are focused outside of the US but in the mobile space they should develop some and interesting produce to the groups here.

Katrin is also working on a new MobileActive memo focused on campaigns so I of course recommend watching there as well.

Link: NGO-in-a-box project - TTC: Mobile Advocacy Toolkit Working Meeting wiki.

The main objective of the NGO-in-a-box project is to put the tools of production and distribution, and the means of collaboration and mobilisation, in to the hands-of the non-profit community.

The way we do this is to help non-profits make choices about what tools and services they should use and supply them with the tools, how-to's, case studies and hands-on guides that will help them implement it.

As these toolkits are given away for free or at low-cost and need to be legally licensed we predominantly use Free and Open Source Software. Free and Open Source Software has the potential to be enormously useful to the non-profit community, however the fact remains that the world of Free and Open Source Software is often confusing and extremely overwhelming for non-technical people. Much of it is littered with badly documented or half completed projects. and finding the right tool to use can be a daunting task. This problem is heightened in developing countries where internet access can be extremely limited and unreliable. In such a situation just downloading the tools can be burdensome, to find they don't do the job you hoped or are poorly documented only compounds the problem.

Identity Woman » She’s Geeky: An Women’s Tech (un)conference

Kaliya Hamlin is Geeky in all the best ways. She is a good organizer and working on the right issues. If you are in the area and a women in Tech, this is likely to be a pretty good networking and brainstorming events.

Link: Identity Woman » She’s Geeky: An Women’s Tech (un)conference.

I am producing another unconference this fall. It is for women working in technology called She’s Geeky. It is October 22-23 in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum.

I am working with a great organizing team including Mary Hodder from Dabble, Susan Mernit from Yahoo!, Julia French from Covered Communications, Deb Roby a BlogHer Blogger, Melanie Swan, Heather Vesent from the Purple Tornado and Laurie Rae.

We have three simple goals with the event.

* Exchange skills and learning from women from diverse fields of technology.
* Discuss topics about women and technology.
* Connect the diverse range of women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky fields.

What is the value of coming? It should be a great networking opportunity to meet other interesting women who you or your company might do business with. In this format you will get to learn more then you would just having interesting meetings in a hallway like you do at typical conferences that cost a lot more.

zooleo - Home

This looks cool. I look forward to playing with a demo account to see if we can use it witht he communities we work with to tease out some common story and clarity of purpose from the bottom up.

Link: zooleo - Home.

ngage Your Audience Users Seek Greater Involvement and Voice At zooleo, we aim to help you better engage and discover what is most important to your audience or group through simple, easy-to-use tools. With our state-of-the-art embeddable technologies, it has never been easier to add "audience engagement" to any online platform.

GrandCentral Blog

I have been loving the development in the VOIP space and the workings of Grand Central. We picked the service for a guide we produced over the summer on how to upload user comments to your website.

It is nice to see they are also thinking of the way that the shifts in the access and costs to the communications grid can be a strength for those that have been cut off. Project Homeless provides a voicemail box for homeless and runaways.

Pretty cool project. ... good for Grandcentral.

Link: href="">GrandCentral Blog.

We posted a blog on the main Google blog before the latest Project Homeless Connect event in San Francisco but wanted to give a little more insight here as well now that the event is over. We’ve been attending these PHC events since April of last year and after each event we always come away with a great feeling of really helping somebody. We’ve blogged about it a bunch before, but it can’t be stated enough…to help people get off the streets and into jobs and housing, one of the most important things they need is a real, local telephone number. We’ve heard first hand stories about filling out job applications and having to leave the “phone number” field blank, with the sinking feeling that they would never get the job. Or about counselors who work with runaways and want to give them a number that they can leave messages for them or try to get their families to leave messages for them. At each of these PHC events the Project CARE (Communications and Respect for Everybody) booth is usually one of, if not the, most wanted services and we have always been really happy to be there and are very excited that Google not only wants to continue to support this effort but to expand it nationally. Again, a great program by Mayor Newsom and we’ll always be there to help.

Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Physics of Complex Systems: Network Resources

They leave out political networks but I will keep an eye on the work the develop. Does the shape of political network make it more robust or influnenial? Is there a 3 dimensional structure equivalent to the power law?

Link: Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Physics of Complex Systems.

Many complex systems can be represented as a graph or network, i.e., a collection of vertices with edges between them indicating their interactions. These include networks of scientific citations and collaborations; technological networks such as the Internet, the World Wide Web, road networks, power grids, railways and airline routes; and biological networks, such as food webs, genetic regulatory networks, and metabolic networks. Because of their ubiquity, networks are of deep interest to all these disciplines. Generic questions include: How is the structure of a network related to its function and behavior? What mathematical and statistical models accurately capture the important aspects of a network’s structure? And, can these models predict a network’s future behavior? SFI research on networks from a physics perspective is described in the following paragraphs. Research on network structure, function and dynamics in relation to biological and social processes is described under Innovation in Evolutionary Systems and Emergence, Organization, and Dynamics of Living Systems .

Much of SFI’s contribution to the physics of networks has focused on community structure, in which the network is organized into densely-connected clumps with sparse connections between clumps. These clumps can represent, for instance, genres of music in a network of recommendations, or functional modules in metabolic networks

ProxyDemocracy: How did your fund vote on Animal Welfare Policy at 3M?


Companies are run by shareholders. Shareholders vote on policies that guide how the company acts. Most people hold shares by Funds. Funds often vote like bastards.

How does your fund vote? How do you wan them to vote?

Proxy Democracy has the potential to bring some much needed transparency to backroom management and votes. Really nice. I look forward to see where this goes.

Video Volunteers | Welcome

Creating video volunteers in India to end run both illiteracy and media neglect. Nice. It will be interesting to see what kind of content gets created and how they end up redistributing the content in areas with little download and play capacity.

Link: Video Volunteers | Welcome.

Video Volunteers believes that media can provide marginalized people with a platform for voice and accelerate social change. In collaboration with Drishti Media Collective in Ahmedabad, India, Video Volunteers is working to create a global network of 100s of rural or peri-urban Video Producers who produce and share media across the barriers of illiteracy, poverty and media neglect.

worth keeping an eye on..