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Speed Geeking gets to Japan: Pecha Kucha

Link: Seth's Blog.

I love this idea to pieces. I also love the translation on the site (Japanese for "the sound of conversation.")

If you are really and truly having a meeting to discuss something, then the Pecha Kucha approach is brilliant. 20 slides, 20 seconds each. Then the PPT gets turned off.

Tell me a problem that can't be outlined in six minutes and I'll show you a problem it's probably not worth having a meeting about.

Ahh. Gunner and open source folks have been doing this for years... SpeedGeeking and Instructions

Link: Facilitation:SpeedGeeking - Facilitation.aspirationtech.org.

SpeedGeeking first saw the light of day at the AdvocacyDev I SpeedGeeking Session.

A tongue-in-cheek rip off of the speed dating concept, SpeedGeeking offers a fully immersive, invigorating and hilarious approach to meeting people ... and learning about the cool projects, software tools and crazy ideas that they have been working on. At a SpeedGeek, one group of participants sets up at stations around a room to give 5 minute presentations while the rest of the group migrates in a circle around the room to hear these high-speed raps. The result is an obscene amount of fun, all tied up with a good dose of learning about how technology is being used for social change.