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Phone messages from activists locked down inside Kimberly-Clark Canadians headquarters | Kleercut.Net

Phone messages from activists locked down inside Kimberly-Clark Canadians headquarters.

Four activists locked down inside Kimberly-Clark's Canadian headquarters on February 12, 2007 and used cellular phones to file reports.

Download and listen to their calls here (MP3, 8.3Mb)

Cell phones for activism.. .. We are not going to leave. We are going to wait till the police come... We are planning on being here for a while. We are locked down waiting for a meeting. It is different than reading it. they should break it into greatest hits.

They need a narrator to call the same voice mail later and give the summary and ask people to take phone or web action. Ask the audience that listens to call and leave a message for the protesters to call the company. etc.

Keep the conversation going. It is a nice technique.

Who is Sick? Network Traffic Map of Sickness

Beth Kanter kudos...

Check out Who is Sick?.

Who Is Sick was started in 2006 with a mission to provide current and local sickness information to the public - without the hassle of dealing with hospitals or doctors. With a strong belief in the power of people and a faith that user generated content can be extremely valuable, our team set out to create an entirely new system for tracking and monitoring sickness information.

I like the site because it collects information without sacrificing privacy. It displays aggregated information back to the users and lets them use the information to draw their own conclusions. As it picks up wider adaptation users may look at it to avoid sick cities or look for healthy places to vacation. I look forward to the Who is Sick on a ship.


Values Voters: Winning With Science in Arkansas?

Thanks to Lisa for the priceless scan...


I am kind of speechless. This kind of rant in papers and on radio has to just drive the Lakoff's of the world nuts.

You hear this taste of rant on c-span and talk radio but I generally assume someone is drunk dialing with on a conspiracy high. Here Connie has taken time to write her thoughts.

Connie knows her enemy. I love the beginning. She gets it. She gets the problem but frames it as another reason to blame "liberal Congress". This fits her world view rather than accepting the reality that liberals fighting global warming and working to protect the balance of the planet's ecosystems are her allies. The logic is terrible but the value compass shines through her closing thoughts. She twists every bit of logic around to deny the reality of what she has observed and repaint her enemies in congress as the core of the problem.

Here is to the Connie's of the world! I would have thought it was an April 1 but for the date. You also have to love she is from Hot Springs.

Women. Women. Mother. Mother.

I spent an amazing week in Pittsburgh hanging out and working with an amazing group of inspiring women and mothers.

The basic themes were focused on health, women and the environment. I was in awe of the gurus in the room from farm worker organizers, to immigrant service providers, to breast cancer fighters to chemists and doctors. It was an amazing group.

I really enjoyed kicking back and listening to stories of deep south organizing from the 50's, 60's Beverly Wright tells some of the most powerful stories about civil rights and justice struggles. We were there the day that the court rolled back abortion rights. Beverly started telling stories about growing up in Louisiana before abortion was legal. she talked about watching a ledge near the high school where girls would jump off the high ledge trying to "dislodge things" and end the potential pregnancy. Girls then getting pregnant with broken legs and ankles. She talked about being at the marches in the 60's and looking at all the posters of dead sisters, mothers and daughters that died during unsafe procedures and births. She said our generation just doesn't know, just doesn't remember. My sense was that Beverly too thought that abortion was something that should be avoided but she spoke all to well with a wisdom that knows the woman should be in charge of her own body.

The group spoke of organizing against sexism, discrimination, ignorance, greed and apathy. They were 55+ years old and older. They were still driven to fight for justice. They were not old or tired. They laughed a lot. They were fired up and determined as ever. They were pushing the next generation of women to do even more work.

It was one of those cool moments that makes happy I am in the career I am in. I was fired up. I could see the people that spent a life fighting for others to have it better. I also had the opportunity to meet the next generation of professional women, professional moms, hard working activists and leaders. as an outsider (there were like 4 guys at the event) It was great to see the new crop of leaders and change makers stepping into the line. It was fantastic.

Events culminated with a two hour meeting connecting with Cooper Monroe. Cooper is a mom of four and an amazing new leader (most inspirational blog 2005) who is connecting women and moms in new ways to create the world we all want. She networked those in need with those who wanted to help. She leveraged her network of leaders in new ways to solve problems. We started kicking around network-centric advocacy and the next generation of ideas after and got totally jazzed.

We riffed on Mary Anne Hitt , Ruby Sinreich, BlogHer
and loads of other ideas. It was cool.

Cooper also blogged the event... been there: Plastic cups, sick fish, Teresa Heinz, I Love Mountains and other things.

Almost 150 years ago, the mothers, as Heinz said, connected the dots and noticed the air in the "Smoky City" was making the children sick. Since they were women, with no rights, and no vote, they had men represent them in public debates. Because of the Ladies' persistence, they were responsible for the nation's first smoke abatement measures.

Women and moms rock. I know, I am married to the one who stands with the best of them. I know, I have sister. I know, I have a daughter (8 months). I know, I was there in Pittsburgh.

The future belongs to the Curious

Here is a clip of a great riff worth reading. I love this quote.

Are you curious?

The future belongs to the curious. If you want to find out why a new development is important, don't just ask the people who brought it about; their agenda is to emphasize the benefits and ignore the drawbacks. Don't just ask their competitors; their agenda is the opposite. Always ask the hackers, the people who love to take things apart and figure out how they work, love to figure out better ways of using a system, love to look for how to make new things fit together in unexpected ways.

The challenge for our community of advocacy practitioners and campaigners is to hack our culture. The mobile culture, email, web2.0, cell phones, blogs, myspace, video games, IM, skype, e-bay and cheap travel were not invented by us or for us. We care about mass engagement and the spread of ideas. It is our challenge to tap the networked culture in new ways to produce positive social change and progressive policy. The future belongs to us. Find better ways to use the system, fit things together in new ways.

Wiki Program Officer! Wiki a Strategy on Nitrogen for 5-15 million!

This is cool. If you know environmentalists or others that are working on restoration, nitrogen policy, science of N role int he ecosystem, CAFOs, Farm Bill or just general gurus that know a lot about pollution and nitrogen please tell them to plug into the wiki to shape a real grant program!

Open to public participation through May 10th the wiki results are going to the Packard Board. The thinking on the strategy is developed in Creative Commons so other foundations can also pick it up and run with it. Hopefully, they also post the full summary they present to the Board back to the community that helped draft it. If funded it could funnel millions into nitrogen work.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation invites you to be part of an online collaboration to create strategies for reducing nitrogen pollution.

It is cool they are even having the audience vote on the likely success of the strategies created. I remember a little about this from my river days and it looks like they are really getting some solid advise ( at least as good as any one or two program officers could write up in a few months!)

An increasingly dangerous threat to our environment and human health, nitrogen pollution is degrading water quality and coastal ecosystems, contributing to climate change and posing a variety of health risks. Despite its rapid growth and harmful consequences, the problem of nitrogen pollution has received relatively little attention, except in areas suffering the consequences. In response to this gap, the Packard Foundation is exploring opportunities for philanthropic investments to make a significant contribution to solutions.

Since the most robust strategies for addressing a problem as complex as nitrogen pollution can not be developed by Packard alone, the Foundation has launched a public forum for collaboration. Everyone with an interest in reducing nitrogen pollution is invited to join and work together to create effective strategies for addressing this pressing problem.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation invites you to be part of an online collaboration to create strategies for reducing nitrogen pollution.

I look forward to seeing the final document. I added network building under additional strategies.

ACLU Family Prison

ACLU is working over the use of video to tell stories in a way text just can't communicate. Our government is warehousing families seeking asylum in pretty appalling conditions in TX prisons.

Embed the video in your own web page!

Embed our video in your web page by using the following code:

I am doing some more work for the ACLU team and I have been moved by the number of important issues they throw their power behind.

On a technical review note these videos need better ways to help people access or send snippets of code so that more bloggers, myspacers and others (via email) can spread the videos.