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Testing SMS Outreach for Women’s Rights | Development Seed Blog

Note to self... SMS campaign. The goal is to provide informaiton to users and find a new pathway to sign users up in a way that they can be reactivated later. This looks like a cool experiment. Hopefully, development seed blogs the results.

Link: Testing SMS Outreach for Women’s Rights | Development Seed Blog.

What’s I like about this campaign is that it’s easy. You can either text a message to the SMS short code that’s set up for the campaign, or you can enter your information through their website, just like you would to sign up for an email newsletter. This is great for people who aren’t that familiar with sending text messages. I entered in my cell phone number through their site and received a confirmation text in seconds.

But how do you get the website to talk to the platform that’s sending out the text messages? Jeff (one of our Drupal hackers) built a module that allows Planned Parenthood’s Drupal site to talk with the SMS aggregator they’re using, Mobile Accord. When a person enters in their cell phone number and carrier, this information is automatically sent to and collected by Mobile Accord’s system, which then sends out the text messages. He’ll write more about how the module works soon.