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Take Back the Names of Our Stadiums: Mays Field: Mays Field Directional Signs

Special appeal if you work or live in SF area. --- Print Out a Sign and Point Toward the Field.

Why does it matter? Grassroots fans are going to take back the name of the stadium to honor Willie Mays.

How do you get to Mays Field? Follow the Network.[email protected]/124068949/[email protected]/124574522/[email protected]/124574681/

Yep.. The fans and people of SF are going to name the stadium and the network can help. Easy Directions..

1. Sign Petition
2. Print..
3. Post somewhere...anyhere pinting to the field.
3. Photo...
4. Send to website.

Send the site around to friends in SF.

This website is home to a grassroots effort to honor Willie Mays by calling the Giants' lovely stadium Mays Field. Although a certain Texas phone company bought the stadium's naming rights, they can't buy our speaking rights, and we believe that Mays Field is superior to SBC AT&T Park in every way. Not only does it honor San Francisco's rich baseball history, it also just sounds better. Way better. No contest, even.

Link: Mays Field: Mays Field Directional Signs.

Mays Field Directional Signs Point the way to Mays Field! Thanks to the stellar folks at Mortar, you can download and print out your very own set of Mays Field signs (PDF, 322 KB), which includes six full-page images: four with orange-and-black on a white background (up, down, left and right arrows), and an up arrow in both white-on-green and green-on-white. (You'll need Adobe Reader to access the PDF.)

Print 'em out and stick 'em on your door! Better yet, take a picture, post it to Flickr and tag it "maysfield". We'll set up a photostream to show the results here on this site. Hey, maybe we'll even get sufficiently motivated to hold a contest for the best photo. Maybe. Many thanks to Mortar for their great work!

It looks like the entire campaign is being organized on free or almost free tools. (blog, petition site, flickr)

Analytical Visions: US Senate Votes Cluster Network Map

How well does the Senate network work? Who votes with who? These visualizations of the Senate netork are really cool.


The map looks good but I don't understand some of the outlayers. Santorum is an outlayer? It would be nice to see his dot labled and a but of access to the "out" dataset. Most important is the idea that network maps provide managment tools.

Do you think the whip has one of these?

Link: Analytical Visions.

Senate voting patterns I have started analyzing the voting patterns in the Senate. Although this post involves political analysis, future posts may involve analysis of demographics, pop culture, sports, education, buying patterns, the stock market or anything else that I happen to be looking into at the time. I made a matrix that shows how often senators vote the same.

Congresspedia - SourceWatch

This is going to be fun. There is now an official open database on Congress! You Wiki and add the facts on the way your member voted, information on the staff and lots of other complete profile information that has been spread out across the web.

If you are developing a story or kicking out a web page that mentions a represenative (Don Sherwood) make sure you link to the Congresspedia page.

Link: Congresspedia - SourceWatch.

Welcome to the debut of Congresspedia, the “citizen’s encyclopedia on Congress.” Congresspedia is a bold new experiment by the Center for Media and Democracy ( and the Sunlight Foundation ( in distributed citizen journalism. It is based on the wiki model (think Wikipedia) and is a subset of the Center’s SourceWatch wiki. We are starting with 539 articles – one for every current member of Congress, the non-voting delegates, and former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham. However, we hope that this is only the foundation upon which Congresspedia contributors (like you!) will build upon by not just adding to those profiles but also by creating new articles on any subject related to Congress that falls within the bounds of our policies and article guidelines.

Republican Ipod! Ken Melman : Invites you to network: GOP network ...

Does the GOP get the power of social networks? Yes.

>> From: Chairman Ken Mehlman

>> Date: April 28, 2006 10:01:58 PM CDT

>> Subject: XXXX, You're Invited to Change Politics


>> You have a powerful new tool to grow our Party from the bottom up.

>> It's a website built around you - with your personal message, your

>> photos, links to your friends online, and the ability to set your

>> personalized grassroots goals. The new activist network will

>> revolutionize online politics - and we're launching it with a bang on


>> And when it's all over, the most successful house parties in America

>> will receive a special thank you.


>> Here's how you can be a part of this exciting launch. First - set up

>> your May 22 house party today. When you create your party, you'll

>> also be able to set up your site with grassroots goals tied to

>> the party - whether it's grassroots fundraising for a Republican

>> victory in November, recruiting volunteers, or registering new

>> voters.


>> Make your party a friend - raiser simply by bringing friends and

>> neighbors together. If you recruit at least one new volunteer, voter,

>> or donor through your MyGOP - powered house party, you and your

>> guests will be eligible to participate in a special conference call

>> with Republican leaders on the evening of May 22.


>> As a special thank you, the hosts of the five MyGOP house parties

>> that raise the most money for the Republican Party through MyGOP from

>> 10 or more friends will receive a special Republican edition iPod

>> Video*. To see what it looks like, click here.


>> The dollars you raise, the volunteers you recruit, and the voters you

>> register will determine the outcome of this fall's elections - and

>> the direction of our country for years to come.

>> * The Republican National Committee is not affiliated with Apple

>> Computer, maker of the iPod Video.

There are lots of reasons this is interesting and lots of ways it can be done better in true network building. Do the networks have a say in the agenda? Do they have ability to use the tools to raise money for charity or other directed investments by the network? Is there total "awareness" of folks across the network? Are the reputation of network actors tracked by each other.

I am suggesting you not join but it does not look like organizing social change by focusing on the network is unique to progressives. Both parties seem to understand the idea of distributing fundraising out to the edge but that strategy is really only the tip of the iceberg.

On a Personal Note: NOW THE GOP video IPOD --
What are the features of the Special Republican Ipod....
1. It says all the music is in there (but there are none).
2. It is the first Ipod to digitize bullshit.
3. It comes preloaded with the news for the next three years ahead from FOX future casting.
4. It is the only Ipod that also records all your conversations and uploads them to the NSA.
5. It has 5 times the heavy metals and pollution with a sticker on the back encouraging you not to recycle.
6. It only works for rich white people.
7. The adult channel filter also catches New York Times, CNN and facts as "inappropriate".
8. It only works 3 months out of the year and then must be stored in TX to recharge.
9. It runs on lobbyist cash not batteries.
10. The favorite song count is always off by thousands of votes in the wrong direction.