Technology Pros and Cons as Related to Democracy
More than Half Ask Not to Be Contacted Again!

Environmental Groups and the Movement has it backwards.. The New Hierarchy


The environmental movement and many of our groups have the customer relationship pyramid almost completely inverse order. We begin by asking for a relationship with the promise of someday providing a deliverable action.

There is an assumption of traction in our work and membership models with little real transactional performance.

It seems like MoveOn model may play with this relationship a little more directly. They engage people directly in the issues that are hot and important to their people. They provide good relations and contact and eventually through house parties and group reputation they become fashionable...(will they emerge as a true partnership or fail to make the final level bond?)

Seth riffs on the concept...

You start with something that does what you say it will. You add value when you provide swift support, but even better, when it becomes clear to a user that there are ways that the product can do even more than they expected. And finally, you win when you create mutually beneficial relationships. These are easiest to imagine in the business to business world (conferences, professional advancement) but you can also see how this could apply, for example, to an iPod. It starts as a music player. It becomes a calendar and photo book. And finally, it's hip jewelry that gets you a date.