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Advocacycasting an Airwave Challenge to Public Radio

At few times in recent history has it been more imperative that communities find ways to make their voices heard. As the FCC attempts to make it easier for radio stations to be co-opted by large corporations, and as the Corporation that runs our one National "Public" radio outlet conspires to exclude all other voices from the left end of the radio dial, individuals in the Bay Area are making it known that they will not be restricted from accessing the airwaves that are rightfully their own property.

Whether it is the San Francisco City Council coming out in support of San Francisco Liberation Radio, or the troublemakers of Pirate Cat Radio using a provision of the Patriot Act to justify unlicensed broadcasting, the Bay Area low power radio movement has responded to the attempts to take over the independent voice of KPFA, and followed in the footsteps of Free Radio Berkeley to build a chorus of voices demanding a liberation of the public airwaves.

Neighborhood Public radio is designed to be a critique of and alternative to the current notion of "public" broadcasting in the U.S.

There have been enough requests for the content that it seems about time to just put it out there and revise the quality as we go.

It is a thought provoking to play with the concepts of distributed broadcasting beyond the wire of the web. Added to audio podcasting and Ipods for advocacy the technology is coming into reach for activism and advocacy. The most important idea is to remove the barriers so that creative and talented audio producers can think of ways to apply talents to advocacy audio productions and to encourage groups to start grabbing audio content that could play a roll in educating people on ways to engage on the issues.