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Looking at the Technology Trap


Here is a great look at the problems that seem to be plaguing the campaign and nonprofit advocacy groups playing around with old strategies and new technology. The site of David Wilcox, Drew Mackie and Terry Grunwald is really looking at some very interesting approaches to self-organizing. The important leap is to scale up (as they do) into some strategic shifts in the "approach" to creating and delivering social change.

New technology, old approach
* Funds for equipment, not training
* Techies in the driving seat
* Decision-makers are stragglers
* Funds target only individuals and existing organisations
* Many still excluded
* Technology cynicism sets in

The trap. Either the computers are still in their boxes - or they are up and running but driving people crazy. Or maybe a few people are reaping the benefits, but others are left out.

New technology, new approach
* Online access and training for all
* Public services online
* Technology enables partnerships
* Many to many communication
* Training on strategic technology use
* New personal opportunities

The ideal for those seeking to really Make the Net Work.... but it takes time, and changes in people as well as technology.

The leap is to look at the possible future campaigns. The strength of network-centric strategy is the it focuses on integrating new nodes the full power of the network as they join. I am not sure that new approaches and new technology should be strictly limited to "online" components. The shift in approach includes some changes to workflow, communication and strategy off line.

It is good work.