Unfreeze, Move and Freeze: Break Open the Shell of Complacency: Flash Campaigns in Context
Is membership a cheap shill?

Is a network-centric approach needed for your campaign?

Here are some general questions to consider if you are looking at plotting a campaign for your organization or if you are developing a strategy for your organization, foundation or coalition.

Is building a network required to solve the problem? Can a currently committed individual or organization realistically and efficiently solve the problem? Is the problem being addressed a one time one faceted issue or are there going to be a series of struggles for change? Can one individual r organization expect to continually have the resources and capacity to solve issues that arise over time? (Is network building needed?)

If forced to confront the full force of those that ultimately oppose the desired change can an identified allied individual or organization overcome the strengths of the opposition? In a brass tacks, dollar to dollar, will vs. will struggle for the tempo and outcome of change campaigns? (Is network power needed to address power imbalances?)

How effectively can an individual or single organization control and dictate the terms, timing and tempo of addressing change? (Is a more fluid alignment of resources needed to address imbalances in structural controls?)

Does an individual or organization have access and ownership of all the key information needed to create and monitor change? (Is networking needed to collect, manage and process information critical during the campaign?)

Does an individual or organization possess the creativity and innovation needed to create the desired change? (Is networking needed to access tactical and strategic innovation needed to further the agenda?)

There are few organizations and individuals that which to create change that can approach a problem with these questions and not realize the limits to the disconnected and solo approach to campaigning.

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Fun food for thought. A network-centric approach really most useful for under resourced movements (which can not win symmetrical struggles) and looks for new ways to create coordinated physical, information and cognitive advantages to create change. ...more to come.