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Getting Smarter: The DAy After The Day After Tomorrow

There was an interesting point about the WTO protests in the book Netwars and Networks

Law enforcement, government authorities, and even the American Civil Liberties Union have conducted instructive after-action analyses of the Battle of Seattle..... By way of contrast, none of the protest organizations has rendered an after-action analysis of the strategies and tactics used in Seattle, even though the Internet teems with eyewitness accounts.

I am interested in the movie The Day After Tomorrow... There was a build up to the movie. A recognition that it could have an effect. Groups submitted proposals and strategies were funded and not funded.

I am very interested in a movie campaign debrief.

Things we need ... People who know what happened and what didn't happened (actual results of investments and activities) All the proposals that were submitted for evaluation... those that were funded and those that were not funded.

Organize a listserve and conference call ...a quick run down the list....Given what we now know.. what should we have funded, what were dumb ideas that would not have worked (i started some of them) if we funded them and what should we think about for the next movie that can help us move an agenda. (DVD release or something like oh I don't know like Michael Moore's next documentary?)

Example...Suggested Blogger Campaign...Link pimping and factoid posting talking points on the Day After Tomorrow Movie ...were blogs important in the dicussion of climate change related to the movie? Would that have been a good investment?

Distributed Content..Fully developed generic html pages that could be pasted onto lots of smaller groups web sites helping local groups participate in movie buzz debate?

more to come....I am going to see if I can get my hands the list of propsals, participants, funders and experienced campaign organizers.

Are there other campaigns like this that we could organize debrief's around?